Police Employees

Whether you began this journey half a lifetime ago, or are just now exploring a career in law enforcement, you probably started from the same place – a genuine and honorable desire to help your fellow humans and protect those who could not protect themselves. That is indeed a commendable place to start any journey, and it speak volumes about you that this is where you chose to begin your life’s work.

It is understandable that the criticism of that path, which you will encounter here at Beyond the Badge, will often seem like a personal attack. You are not wrong to feel that way. However we hope that the same virtues that led you to public service can also open your mind to seeking new ways in which your dedication, talent and goodness can be best employed to reach the outcomes of your highest intentions in an deeply consistent and sustainable manner.

If you are considering a career in policing and curious about the personal risk to you and your loved ones associated with that institution, we will soon link to resources to help you make that decision.

If you are a current or former police employee who wants to contribute to this ongoing discussion, whether as a developer of alternatives or as an informant please contact us.



Police Employee Library

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