Police Supporters

There is no doubt that the world can be a scary place sometimes. While you are trying to do the best you can for yourself, your family, and your fellow humans – terrible things that are difficult to understand happen to people just like you. Nobody here believes that you are wrong to want to prevent that sort of vileness from penetrating your sphere of existence. The desire for protection is a completely rational and understandable piece of the human experience.

If policing was consistent with the values from which that desire arises, then we would not accept how often its efforts go awry. Our initial intuition to provide a source of security is understandable, but an institution that requires its participants to put the needs of the system and its participants before human individuals defies our basic common desire for harmony.

Aggressive, preemptive and monopolized force is not consistent with those desired outcomes. Destructive laws that target victim-less activity produce disrespect for its enforcers, cost us innumerable resources, and only exacerbate the cycle of criminality. In our genuine and reasonable desire to minimize threats, we have perpetuated a system which manufactures problems in misguided attempts to solve them.

We can do better. This is not to say that we must leave the weak and vulnerable to the bidding of the strong, but that we do not centralize strength as a place where abuse can occur as a result of institutionalized norms. Let us use our common humanity to construct localized solutions that reflect community before compulsive and coercive conformity.

We hope you will join us in developing new solutions to age old problems that can most likely be better addressed by innovation than restriction. As Mr. Rogers famously said:

“Always look for the helpers.”

Lets get back to basics, neighbor.

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