Almost a year has now passed and Curtis has become a trusted asset to his department, according to his superiors and colleagues. One night he is asked to join in a major drug bust, the biggest operation he has ever been part of. He is overwhelmed with excitement and hopeful for the opportunity to see some real action.

Unfortunately the raid goes down without much excitement of any kind. After hauling out all of the suspects and sending them for a stay in jail until the courts can sort them out, he is tasked with helping to secure the crime scene and collect evidence.

He notices the officers splitting up a pile of cash amongst themselves, and when he asks about it he is informed that the money would just go into a civil forfeiture account and be distributed to state and local agencies who will just squander it on bureaucratic activities that benefit those pointless office dwellers. He is handed a wad of cash which he puts in his pocket with some trepidation.

After this he also notices that many of the drugs they are to be seizing are not quite making it into the evidence bags, but into the personal property of his colleagues. Officer Oliviera tosses him a large bag of marijuana, “That’s worth a few grand if you can fence it on the sly, bro. I prefer to keep it myself. Especially when it is this dank, but you do whatever you wanna. You like ecstasy? There isn’t much and its going fast, but I could probably get you a few dozen doses. Works wonders with the ladies, ya know what I mean!”

Should Curtis:

Enjoy the perks of his job and not worry too much about it, since everyone else seems to be okay doing it.

-or should he-

Slip his ‘shares’ back into the evidence pile without being noticed and later report the situation to the state police in hopes of exposing the corruption in his own department, who then not only do not act on the information, but inform his department superiors that they have a snitch that needs to be dealt with. Weeks later Curtis is dead and the other officers at the scene all testify that he was shot by a suspected drug dealer during a chase into an abandoned apartment building, who was able to get away when afterwards when police turned their attention to their wounded and dying colleague. Nobody questions the story.

At his funeral his pregnant wife is inconsolable, nonetheless one of the attending officers does his best to calm the grieving widow, and later marries her. Her son from the first marriage listens to the story of how drug dealers killed his father all of his life and grows up determined to become a cop and match as many drug dealers with bullets or jail cells as possible.

The end.

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