The following work of creative fiction is based on real accounts of law enforcement employees who crossed the thin blue line and saw the price that their personal conscience and free will must pay to maintain their badge.

“This is the proudest day of your life, son. Today you gain not just a job, but a family,” said Commissioner Stevens as he pinned the badge on the rookies crisp new uniform. “Hell, we are even more than a family. The bond between officers is rivaled only by mother and child. You’ll be riding with Oliviera while you learn the ropes, kid. Now go out there and make your new family proud.”

Curtis was grinning from ear to ear. The nine months he had spent getting his policing certification had finally paid off. He had been an apt student and so he was certain he was prepared for whatever the streets could throw at him. He was young and his reflexes were razor sharp. His aim, well it was impeccable. He was eager to show off all off his skills.

The first week was pretty quiet, but midway through the second week a group of protesters demanding justice for a local killed by an officer gathered outside the station. When one of them began blowing bubbles over the imaginary line that demarcated the boundary of the free speech zone, Oliviera pulled out his taser and ordered the offender to lay on the ground and put his hands behind his back.

Does Curtis…

Try to calm Oliviera down and explain that it is not their job to limit peoples free speech.

-or does he-

Put a boot into the punks back while his partner cuffs the perp.


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