After breaking up the rest of the protest they haul the kid with the bubbles down to county and head back to headquarters where Curtis is greeted by high fives and ass pats and assured that he has done a great job out there tonight.


Despite the fact that he has gained the acceptance of his new family, Curtis is told that he is not issuing enough citations. When he replies that he did not realize there was a specific quota the chief assures him there isn’t, “There ain’t no quotas, boy, but what good is a law enforcement officer who doesn’t enforce the laws? We have a budget that we have to work within, and that budget is determined from the revenue those citations bring in. If an officer ain’t pulling his share out there, how are we supposed to justify their job or pay them?”

Does Curtis respond…

“I think I understand the situation sir, I will try to do a better job. You can count on me sir.” And then he follows through and becomes known as the Brakelight Bandit by his fellow officers, after writing more tickets than any other officer over the next several months, mostly for citations for vehicles that have the third, rear window brake light out.

-or does he respond-

“I dunno, sir. That sounds just like quotas for me, which along with other policing-for-profit activities has been ruled illegal by the federal courts. Not to mention it is dishonest and creates negative community relations.”

Two weeks after this he is fired from the department for a single petty violation of department regulations regarding the care, maintenance and usage of his squad car. For the next six months he is often pulled over and harassed by his former co-workers for even the slightest imagined infraction, until finally he decides to move to another town. He opens up a bicycle shop which is extremely successful and in his free time volunteers to any willing community members to help settle private disputes without involving the police and the dangers they entail, where he makes a real difference in his community and dies an old, happy, satisfied and peaceful man.

The end.

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